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Battling Medieval Chauvinism and Misogyny in Liberal Seattle and Genocide in the rest of the World

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-11-52-37-pmI met a woman in a leading role at a local mosque about year ago quite by accident as she needed some help with the particular personal situation. Soon we became good friends and within one year we hosted a conference at one of the finest universities of the world where we were showcased the son of the great Shia martyr (and human rights activist) Sheikh Nimr, with some eminent politicians like Jill stein and David cobb (both standard bearers) of the Green Party, Tulsi Gabbard a rising star in the democratic party, acclaimed Muslim Scholars like Imam Asi and Dr. Umar Qadri among others.

Sheikh Nimr inspired me to speak out against injustice. He was the motivation for over 10,000 blogs on social justice. Here are some blogs when I used to protest all by myself and my seven year old son in front of the Saudi Embassy. Of course no Molanas ever supported any Sheikh Nimr protests in those days because they were doing marriage ceremonies and funeral rituals. I don’t blame the Molanas or Imams they are beholden to their flock and the checkbooks of their flock.

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-11-53-08-pmAll this was organised by the very smart and hardworking person I met from the female side of the mosque. In liberal Seattle men and women don’t speak at the mosque and they have no possibility of working together for the future of the community.

If I hadn’t met this person by chance, this conference would have never happened. The University of Washington hosted the coming together of the victims of Saudi sponsored Genocide and the activists and political elite of the Pacific NorthWest.

It’s sad to think of hundreds of other projects and events that never take off the ground because of the extremist and narrow-minded maulanas.

I call upon all Muslim women to assert themselves. This epic fail policy of segregation without limitation simply does not work. The most valuable members of our communities are left incommunicado.

The Muslim women should demand that Maulanas and their husbands to stop crushing our women. By crushing women they are also holding back the future generations.

The Maulanas too know this is an oppressive policy but remain beholden to the Chauvinistic males with the check books. Extremist and sexist cultures imposed by the mostly masculine ruling elites of the mosques.

Let’s step out of the dark ages into the 21st century.



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