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Discourse of Shia Genocide censored by Uncle Tom’s of Seattle

elizaengraving_croppedAt a recent ceremony to mourn our fellow Seattle resident, Syed Nasir Abbas Zaidi, I was forced to confront an unfortunate Ostrich mentality. Even after tens of thousands of Sunni and Shia Muslims have been massacred by ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terrorist groups like ASWJ, some of us are still living in denial.

Some of us have a hard time in even using the term Shia Genocide; an appropriate term that accurately describes the specific targeting of individuals based on their faith!

Some people claim this protest against Shia Genocide to be politically motivated, their mind is corrupt with politics so they see every issue as politics, even cold blooded premeditated murder.

Their interfaith unity town hall platforms have not yet issued single statement of condemnation on the killing of their neighbour and friend.

When people are dragged out of buses or identified as such and then executed simply for being Shias, what other term should be used? When 160+ Shia doctors, surgeons and medical professionals are killed on the basis of being identified from their “Shia sounding” names, is it not accurate to describe the phenomena as #ShiaGenocide.

Unfortunately, even within the targeted Shia communities, there is no shortage of apologists and those who are deliberately obfuscating the issue.

This is what transpired at the ceremony. I was first asked to censor my comments and told not to be “sectarian” – a worn out baiting tactic. My only fault was to protest the murder of Nasir as part of a larger act of genocide. ASWJ-LeJ, the banned Deobandi ISIS-affiliate group that boasted of committing this cowardly act, amongst hundreds of other similar acts, was recently provided State protocol by the Saudi Government.

These are uncomfortable facts for some of us who would rather find common ground with Saudi-financed lobbyists than be honest advocates protesting Shia Genocide. Such people make false sunni shia binaries and and false Iran Saudi binaries all to take attention away from the real culprits.

It is truly a matter of shame that in this time and age, some in the United States of America prefer to censor the truth. When tens of thousands of Sunni and Shia muslims are being killed daily by Saudi sponsored terrorists, some still prefer to misrepresent this as a “Sunni vs Shia” sectarian violence. This blaming-the-victim tactic is as reprehensible when it is used to censor debate in Seattle as it was when perfected by Jamaat e Islami goons in Lahore.

Silence of the Seattle lambs continues while Pakistani and Saudi establishment protects the killer Takfiri Deobandi groups in Pakistan.

U.S. Citizen Syed Nasir Abbas Zaidi and 3 generations of his family massacred by ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terrorist group ASWJ


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