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L. A. hate crimes against Muslims are a direct result of Salafi Deobandi Terrorism of San Bernadino

While hate crimes against Muslims or anyone are highly condemnable and must not be tolerated, we must also address the core reasons.  Hate crimes in L.A. are a direct result of Salafi Deobandi terrorism of San Bernardino.  Unless Muslims openly condemn the Cannibalistic, oppressive version of Islam of Yazid bin Muawiya and his human liver eating mother Hinda, they are essentially condoning ISIS and their Deobandi Salafi supporters.

The San Bernardino killings were the work of Tafsheen Malik, a deobandi/ISIS operative trained at the notorious Red Mosque in Islamabad. Instead of condemning these hateful ideologies, mosques in Los Angeles, Seattle and other US cities continue to invite Deobandi hate clericis like Yasir Qadhi to preach hate. The same Yasir Qadhi who spoke at the the San Bernardino mosque frequented by Tafsheen Malik and her husband Rizwan Farook.

Deobandi Butchery in San Bernardino: Roots of the Jihad Carnage in San Bernardino




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  • Good points. Despite the really confusing writing style, and a weird headline, the author, I believe, is trying to make the following point:s

    a) While all hate crimes are deplorable, US Muslims should first question what is the real source of the hate crimes.

    b) And while most US Muslims condemn terrorism, they cannot really do that without specifically rejecting both the ideological and social sources of terrorism.

    c) Ideological sources of terrorism are deeply embedded in the theological foundations of Salafi school of thought and hence requires direct condemnation.

    d) Social sources are people like Mr. Qadhi who allegedly spread hate.

    e) Hence if US Muslims really want to end hate crimes against Muslims, they should end Salafi hate crimes against humanity by condemning both social and ideological roots of terrorism.

    The author may have to address the following questions:

    1) Why is Mr. Qadhi, who as per the author is spreading anti-US agenda and hate, not being arrested by FBI or HLS?

    2) Is the author calling for the arrest of Mr. Qadhi?

    3) Has the author done his civic and legal duty to call and inform FBI or HLS and either specifically reported the alleged actions of Mr. Qadhi or at least inquired why he is not being arrested?

    4) Can the author provide some specific examples of the allegations against Mr. Qadhi?


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