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Iran deal is at risk : World’s Shia should work to bridge US Iran dialogue

us-iran-blue-skyIran has progressed, Iranians have worked hard to develop their human capital. Scientific, economic and educational progress despite crippling sanctions for decades the people and leadership of Iran has shown the great resilience.

Iranian educational, health and social service systems remain strong and dynamic. Iranian cultural traditions are tolerant and despite being at odds with the West at times, Iran is the safest country for an American or Westerners to visit. Iranian people are friendly and and hospitable.

Most Americans are unaware that Iran is perhaps the only only major Muslim Nation where there is a substantial jewish population that lives in relative peace. Iran has had several Jewish members of parliament. Unfortunately Iranian politicians have not justice to projecting a positive enough image of Iran in the West. This situation is changing in the positive direction.

Ayatollah Khomeni at Neuphle Chateau in Paris just before the revolution
Ayatollah Khomeni at Neuphle Chateau near Paris just before the revolution

Iran deal was despised by many hardliners on both sides. The extremist interpreters of Ayatollah Khomeni’s teaching see the developing US Iranian relations as the opposite of “the revolutions”, the hardliners thrive on conflict in any society and Iran is no different.

Therefore as World Shia it is imperative that we should support better relations between Iran and United States. World Shia should be respectful of the system of Vilayat e Faqih as a good system that works well in Iran. They should accept Ayatollah Khamenei as the custodian of the system that a plurality of Iranian Shia have endorsed in the past and continue to endorse.

Aytollah Khamenei is the successor the the successful revolution of Aytollah Khomeni in 1979
Aytollah Khamenei is the successor the the successful revolution of Aytollah Khomeni in 1979




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  • USA and Iran can have excellent relations except:

    Foreign Interests => Lobbying Dollars => Lobbying => Senate and Congress act accordingly => anti-Iran propaganda and legislation => bad relations

    Soft-liners function on the basis of a hopeful future while hardliners on the basis of a realistic past. Both have valid points.

    US-Iran relations not possible until US campaign reform, restoration of independence in US Congress, ending Citizens United, and blocking all foreign lobbying in US.

    And the above ain’t happening. Sorry bro.


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