Token Gestures expose the Double Standards and Sectarian Tribalism of CAIR



One should condemn the desecration at a Jewish cemetery and appreciate any gesture that supports to repair this damage. However, the irony of a Saudi-funded organisation like CAIR undertaking such a gesture is not lost on anyone.

After all, this is the same CAIR which has kept quiet when fascist cults of Al Qaeda and ISIS desecrate and destroy the shrines and graves of the Holy Prophet, his family, his descendants and all those Saints whose message of love, fraternity, tolerance and acceptance helped spread Islam across the continents. These are the shrines and graves that are not only venerated by mainstream Sunni and Shia muslims but also respected by Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. Since the so-called “Arab spring” which is really a resurgence of fascist movements like the Ikhwan (Brotherhood), such shrines and graves have been destroyed and attacked all over the Muslim world. From Mali in Africa, to the shrine of the Holy Prophet’s companion, Hujr Bin Adi in Syria, fascist cults operating under various Al Qaeda avatars have relentlessly targeted graves and shrines.

Yet we have not seen a peep out of CAIR. Not a word of condemnation. No fund raising to repair these shrines that are considered the spiritual refuge of mainstream Sunni and Shia muslims.

Just last week, Takfiri Deobandi terrorist groups affiliated with ISIS, Al Qaeda and the “Free Syrian Army” attacked the shrine of one of South Asia’s most popular saints, Lal Shahbaaz Qalandar. Qalandar was a descendant of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his shrines attracts millions of Sunni Muslims every year as well as Shia Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.

Tulsi Gabbard condemns Takfiri Deobandi attack on Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

CAIR representative expressing joy at the Russian plane crash that claimed 90+ lives

In 1925, the Saudi sponsors of CAIR destroyed the graves of the Holy Prophet’s family. This has been devastating to hundreds of Millions of Muslims all over the world.

Will CAIR ever support the protests of its own Muslims?
Will they ever launch a fundraiser to restore the homes of Syeda Khadijah, the Holy Prophet’s wife or the home of Syeda Amina, his mother.

If not, then we can safely say that not only was CAIR’s initiative a publicity-driven tokenism, it was also hypocritical.


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