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Shia Genocide Syria: Horrific bloodbath of evacuees from Fua and Kefraya – by Amal Saad


Murdered Shia Children Are Not Beautiful According to President Donald J. Trump – Shia Genocide Syria

By Amal Saad

SHIA GENOCIDE SYRIA: This horrific bloodbath of evacuees from Fua and Kefraya is far more dangerous than the US strike last week. The slaying of scores of displaced Shia (one video I watched now showed 4 or 5 destroyed buses filled with dead children) is clearly aimed at provoking sectarian retaliation against the Shia and Sunni evacuees from Madaya and Zabadani who are on the other end of the evacuation deal, and sectarian incitement against Sunnis generally.

Opposition supporters in the West and Arab Gulf are already bizarrely blaming the Assad government for the carnage and shielding the takfiri terrorists from blame. It isn’t merely a case of Shia lives don’t matter, i.e. Shia deaths being underreported by mainstream media, or that western leaders don’t consider dead Shia babies to be politically convenient enough to qualify as “beautiful” , or of simply imagining what western and Arab coverage would be like if the victims were from Madaya and Zabadani.

It is that White Men who claim to speak on behalf of “oppressed Sunnis”–i.e. policy wonks, journos and pundits–will label us “sectarian” if we dare accuse ISIS, al-Qaeda and Takfiri rebels of targeting Shia.And by “we” I mean anyone of any sect or religion, including Sunni Muslims, who dares point out the obvious. Any mention of Shia victimization is taboo; it is unprogressive, Islamophobic, and it is “disempowering” to Sunnis. These are the new parameters of acceptable, liberal PC discourse: the identity of victims must not be highlighted unless they belong to the politically expedient sect or group of the day.


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  • It’s not commonly known that Aleppo and much of northern and western Syria had a significant Shi’a population, possibly a majority, well into the 13th century, as evidenced by various historians and travelers, including Ibn Abi Tayyi’ and Ibn Jubayr. This is also supported by archeological evidence, including the Shi’a prayer upon the 12 Imams that girdled the 11th century minaret of the Great Mosque of Aleppo, destroyed early in the insurrection by some Jaysh al-Atyaz; two major shrines west of the city; and several other Shia shrines within the city. The story of progressive marginalization and shrinkage of Syrian Shi’ism remains to be written, but it seems that these trends had become quite definitive by the early Ottoman period and the increasing strength and institutionalization of major Sufi orders. Where did some of them go? Possibly to villages west of Aleppo, including Kafrayya and Fou’a, two towns that had been encircled for several years by Jabhat al-Nusra (I think) and kept alive by air drops from the Syrian government. Their situation became untenable, among other factors, and the Syrian government decided to evacuate them to Aleppo. (Some will say that this was a Syrian ploy for demographic manipulation, I don’t think this one is). At any rate, this morning their buses were targeted by a suicide bomber, whose explosives led to the death of about 100 people, mainly children and women. This is not just a regional war by proxy but also a nasty sectarian war in which regressive Jihadi forces, supported by the wealthiest Sunni governments, seek a final solution for Shi’ism in the Arab world, or perhaps just a diversion from their own tyrannical insecurity.


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