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Despair: When We Think God Fails Us


Despair is the result of too much trust in our own knowledge and little trust in the guidance of God. It is a conflict between our wills and that of God.

Despair is the most destructive state for humans to be in. It is a sure step to depression and despondency. When we wonder why God has failed to give us what we’ve been praying for, despair immediately kicks in.

We channel so much of our minds to achieving a particular goal in life and when we fail, we get despondent and forget that perhaps what we endeavored so much for was not God’s will for us right from the start. When we depend and rely on our own conceptions of what we need, we become disillusioned and blame God for everything that is wrong with our lives.

The way we view the world can be very immature and lack proper wisdom. We become obsessed with what we need but fail to submit to the will of God. We fail to trust in Him and His all-encompassing knowledge. We fail in trusting that He knows what is best for us in the long term.

When we quit fighting against the will of God and acknowledge that He knows what is best for us in the end of things, we gain the ability to endure our hardships and trials knowing that God allows that which benefits our salvation in the Hereafter.

God allows us to suffer through that which makes us stronger. Is through suffering and pain that we grow, and not comfort and having our own way in the world. By trusting God, we make sense out of the chaos and disappointment in the world because the greater picture of meaning becomes clearer to us; it is at this moment that despair is defeated and faith in God’s providence becomes victorious.


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