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About Us

About World Shia Forum

World Shia Forum, founded in 2016 by Chief Founding Editor Ali Abbas Taj, is dedicated to reporting on current issues and events that are inadequately covered or completely ignored by Muslim media outlets, cultural organizations and the mainstream media in the West and North America. This media outlet’s mission is to dig deep into the issues that affect minority and oppressed groups in the world with a special focus on matters that relate to Muslims and Shia Muslims in particular. World Shia Forum aims to offer expert commentary on politics, culture and religion from an American Muslim point of view and offers an outlet for exceptional writers and thinkers to express their opinions on issues pertaining to Islam, America and minority and oppressed groups across the world.

Our staff and volunteers range from dedicated cultural, religious and political commentators of the Muslim community who want to see a better America for the future as well as academic experts and journalists who strive to see an America and an Islam that stand in harmony with one another that not only rejects terrorism and extremism as expressed by certain elements of the Muslim community (Wahhabis or extremist Salafis & Deobandis) but also forms of U.S policy and military and economic aggression that are not conducive to global life.

At World Shia Forum, we encourage diversity of opinion, dissent and open discussion. We say this because we believe that no progress can be made without open discussion. As such, we may not always agree with the views of our commentators and writers but we do, nevertheless, take pride in having created a home for talented, provocative and challenging bloggers that seek to use their skills for the betterment of the Muslim world, America and the global community.

Our bloggers consist of writers and researchers from a wide spectrum of Muslim society (and non-Muslims are welcome!) including university professors, academic researchers, cinematographers, clerics, journalists and political scientists. Our main chief editor, Ali Abbas Taj, has over twenty years of experience dealing with American and Pakistani affairs at LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan) which for years has been exposing the inner sinister machinations of Takfiri Deobandi terrorism in Pakistan and its nefarious links with its government and other governments around the world.

Unlike most other media outlets, World Shia Forum is not influenced by advertisers or shareholders and it is not controlled by any outside government, government institution, state-affiliated actors or corporations with vested interests. Furthermore, as a mainly Muslim blog, it does not subscribe to the views of any particular Muslim scholar or jurist (Marjaʿ) or political ideology, those views are entirely relative to the personal beliefs and preferences of its authors. As such, our writers do not subscribe to any one particular way of thinking about religion and politics or viewing the world in general. What unites them is a zeal for producing an intelligent and insightful narrative of Islam, Muslims and world affairs that is tolerant of differences yet at the same time critical of the political and religious violence that is so often exacted against the vulnerable.

A permanent concern for World Shia Forum is sustaining the quality of the written material it produces. The Web is now the primary means for delivering political, cultural and religious content but much of it is either low quality, or funded by a select few corporations whose reporting is mostly dubious. We at the World Shia Forum pride ourselves in funding ourselves through private donations and continuous support from well-meaning members of the human community.


Ali Abbas Taj (Chief Founding Editor and Coordinator)

Syed Asghar Rizvi (Secretary General)

Rayhan al-Safawi (Editor)

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