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What kind of unity does CAIR want? Hussam Ayloush and Wahhabi Extremism


For Hussam Ayloush, the only Muslim unity is the one that is accepting of Wahhabism, Salafism and Deobandism. If the ideology behind violent extremism is rejected, CAIR will reject you.

As it has recently come to light, Mehdi Hasan has criticized Tulsi Gabbard’s speech honoring the Prophet Muhammad (s)In her speech, Rep. Gabbard insisted that the current religious violence in the Middle East largely stems from Wahhabi (or Salafi, Deobandi) extremism. Hasan’s negation of Gabbard is a reflection of a particular state of personal affairs in which he cannot tolerate any form of criticism on Wahhabism, Salafism or Deobandism. Doing so is an affront to his Wahhabi paymasters in Qatar and hence why he will have none of it. Criticizing Wahhabi terror is tantamount to Islamophobia. The blame, as such, must equally be born by the victims of Wahhabism, namely Shias. This is something Hussam Ayloush fully concurs with.

It did not take long for Mehdi Hasan’s Facebook comment to receive praise by CAIR’s executive director in LA Hussam Ayloush – a man who rejoices in the death of Russian civilians – to lavishly praise to Qatar’s henchman’s posts. See for yourself here:

Sectarianism and tribalism for Hussam Ayloush means blaming Wahhabi sponsored terror. If the victims of Wahhabi/Salafi/Deobandi terror are equally blamed for their suffering, whether they are Shias, Sunnis, Jewish, Hindu, Yazidi or what not, then you are a true human being and a promoter of unity. If you defend the victims and criticize the ideology behind the terror, then you are you are sectarian, tribal and possibly have blood on your hands. (I hope you get my sarcasm here).

No one here is saying all groups are innocent, but any form intellectual honesty will conclude that Wahhabism’s blatant tolerance and doctrinal advocacy for interfaith violence is to be blamed. Almost all cases of religiously motivated violence in Muslim countries have Wahhabis squarely involved as the prime culprit.

Perhaps when CAIR and Hussam Ayloush realize this can concrete steps for interfaith unity begin.

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