Non-fiction: Pakistan’s Shia Dynamics – by Ammar Ali Qureshi

  Shias in Pakistan reputedly account for about 20 percent of the population — or 42 million out of the population of 210 million — making it the second largest Shia population in the world [...]

Shia Genocide Dr. Askari is Gunned down by Sipah Sahaba aka ASWJ

Gesture for Muharram by Takfiri Khariji Terror outfit Sipah e Sahaba aka ASWJ and its leaders including Aurangzeb Farooqi for Shias. A heart specialist Shia doctor has been gunned down near a [...]

Mossadegh: The Coup, Iran, and the US – by Asif Zaidi

    Many Iranians blame American interventionism -her backing for the Shah’s repressive regime, her permission to allow the Shah to travel to the US in October 1979, her support for [...]

The Trigger and The Powder Keg: Riots in Iran


  Disclaimer from WSF: The views of the author as expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of World Shia Forum or any of its managers or bloggers. Much raucous was [...]

Caitlin Johnstone Gets It Right On Iran Interventionism


Pro-war zealots are trying to get their way, but social media journalists are making the job harder and harder for them.

The Iran Protests: What’s Going On – By Eisa Ali


The protests in Iran are multifaceted, some with legitimate concerns and others are backed by terror groups. One thing is for sure: nothing will happen and opposition online commentators are [...]

BBC Urdu: Dishonesty, Lies and Petrodollars


BBC Urdu has been caught red handed mistranslating and lying about Iranian FM’s claims on Iraqi paramilitary groups fighting ISIS. By Ali Abbas Taj The BBC has long been known as a [...]

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