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Execution of Bahraini Dissidents by the US-backed Dictatorial regime

    In the dishonest world of liberal opportunism, Bahrain is not an issue worth highlighting. In Pakistan, those commercial liberals and expats who champion themselves as “anti [...]

Al Baqee stands before the UN Rights Council to denounce religious rights violaitons in Saudi Arabia


For Immediate Release – 11 October, 2018 –  Geneva, Switzerland – GENEVA – At 10:30 am this morning at the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland, advocates from dozens of [...]

Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (as) predicting end of the Saudis After King Abdullah’s death?


In one telling hadith, Imam al-Sadiq (as) predicted a crisis of succession after the death of a king named Abdullah in the Hijaz. The turmoil would eventually lead to the end of the kingdom and [...]

Free the Cities of Mecca and Medina – By Ali Abbas Taj

The House Of Saud has failed in its role as Guardians of the Shrines, it is time to give our holy cities of Mecca and Medina back to the Ummah as a whole.

The Clinton Foundation is Dying and Why This is Good News for Women and Children

The Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play days are over now that the Clinton family’s political ambitions are in disarray.

National CAIR vs. Local CAIR by Rayhan Al-Safawi

CAIR may be useful at the local level, but its intentions are nefarious at the national and foreign policy level.

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