Shias become the latest target of Pakistan’s extremist factions

  Shias become the latest target of Pakistan’s extremist factions; murders, hate speech and numerous blasphemy allegation sow seeds of long-term religious tension Recent weeks have seen a [...]

سانحہ 30 ستمبر 1988 ڈیرہ اسماعیل خان کو 32 سال گرر گئے

  سانحہ 30 ستمبر 1988 ڈیرہ اسماعیل خان 32 برس گزرنے کے باوجود یہ سانحہ آج بھی ہمارے دلوں میں زندہ و جاوید ہے۔ تاریخ پاکستان میں 22 ذی الحجہ سے 19 صفر 1408 ھ یعنی 5 اگست سے 30 ستمبر 1988 تک کے [...]

Role of Muslim Clergy in Medieval Society of the Indian Subcontinent

  Translator: Rabia Aslam Source: Dr. Mubarak Ali, “Almiyah-e-Tarikh”, ch. 9 – 10, pp. 95 – 105, Fiction House, Lahore, (2012). During the reign of Muslim ruling families in India, the [...]

Syeda Khawla AS and the caravan of captives from Kufa to Shaam


  After the battle of Karbala Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) surviving family members were made captives, tortured, chained and were taken to the city of Kufa to be presented to tyrant king [...]

Thehri massacre: Shi’a Genocide has roots in Porto Deobandi Wahhabi movements of 200 years ago

  The Therhi Massacre was a mass genocide that occurred on 6 June 1963 in Thehri, Sindh, Pakistan. 118 Shia Muslims were killed. Although it was not the first incident of violence against [...]

میانمار: ڈیڑھ سو برس قدیم امام بارگاہ جس کی نگہبانی بدھ مت کو ماننے والے کرتے ہیں


  میانمار کے قدیم شہر عماراپورا میں واقع ڈیڑھ سو برس قدیم امام بارگاہ کی نگہبانی ایک بُدھ مت مذہب کا پیروکار خاندان کر رہا ہے۔ یہ خاندان چار نسلوں سے اس امام بارگاہ کا متولی ہے۔ اِن کا رہن سہن [...]

Anti-Shia rhetoric has its genesis in anti-Semitic discourse


  The worst bigotry against Shia Muslims is justified by fusing it with bigotry against the Jewish people. These polemics involve an apologist narrative that seeks to deny, dismiss and [...]

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