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The Power of Repentance (Tawbah)

Repentance is the central component of spiritual growth in Islam. Without it there is no salvation.

Gratitude (shukr) is the Source of Inner Peace in Life


Gratitude is a cultivated attitude one develops in the face of adversity in life. It is with gratitude that depression ends.

The Prophet (s) and Imam Ali (as) On the Effects of Stubbornness


Stubbornness destroys not only our spirituality, but also our social relationships.

Tips On How to Forgive Those Who Hurt You


Forgiving does not mean justifying or forgetting someone who has hurt us, it means letting go of resentment.

On Dealing with the Dark Side of the Maulanas

On Dealing with the Dark Side of the Ummah

Sinful Habits and Laziness


Habitual sins create spiritual laxity and comfort zones that are very difficult to overcome. By taking on small sins one at a time, you can train yourself to overcome the bigger ones.

Caution when Spiritual Dryness Kicks In


Spiritual dryness can be a moment of reflection but it can also be dangerous if you don’t find healthy ways to address it.

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