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Madhe Sahaba Agitation and Muslim League – by Venkat Dhulipala

  Editor’s note: Violence against Shias of Pakistan existed before Pakistan was born as a Muslim democratic state in South Asia. Right after partition of India in 1947, hundreds of graduates [...]

Historical Reality of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi and Shah Waliullah

  Translator: Rabia Aslam Source: Dr. Mubarak Ali, “Almiya Tareekh”, Chapter 9, Pages 82. 92, Fiction House Lahore, (2012). After 1857, in order to increase the influence of the Ulema in the [...]

Muharram in India during colonial rule – Dr. J. N. Hollister

    To the orthodox Sunni, the Shiite Ta’zias (تعزیہ) and the public exposure of grief and mourning as if opposing Allah’s will, even with a martyr, are, to say the least, [...]

Syed Ahmad Barelvi and his Jihad movement

  Original Urdu article: Dr. Mubarak Ali, “Almiyah-e-Tarikh”, Chapter 11, pp.107-121, Fiction House, Lahore (2012). Translated by: Rabia Aslam, Today’s Point Online, August 27, 2020.   [...]

The history of Muharram Processions in Trinidad

  The #Muharram processions in Trinidad and Tobago was originally brought over by South Asian indentures labourers who were taken there to work on the sugar plantations during British rule. [...]

What was the response of the Shah Abdul Aziz to the Wahhabi Movement? – Aamir Hussaini

In fourth chapter of his book “Shah Abdul Aziz …” Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi, renowned historian glanced in-detail on intellectual response of Shah Abdul Aziz to the Wahhabi Movement and its [...]

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