Syed Ahmad Barelvi and his Jihad movement

  Original Urdu article: Dr. Mubarak Ali, “Almiyah-e-Tarikh”, Chapter 11, pp.107-121, Fiction House, Lahore (2012). Translated by: Rabia Aslam, Today’s Point Online, August 27, 2020.   [...]

#ShiaGenocide in Pakistan: Another Beginning?

The situation in Pakistan today has an eerie resemblance to the situation 40 years ago. Then also, a coordinated hate campaign was launched against Shia Muslims in Pakistan while the State [...]

Anti-Shia rhetoric has its genesis in anti-Semitic discourse


  The worst bigotry against Shia Muslims is justified by fusing it with bigotry against the Jewish people. These polemics involve an apologist narrative that seeks to deny, dismiss and [...]

Nepotism stands against objective journalism: Mehdi Hasan should be held to account

  Last year, Mehdi apologised for his remarks against the followers of other faiths and atheists and his current employers at “The Intercept” stood by him. His Qatari monarchist employers at [...]

پنجاب میں فرقہ وارانہ فساد کا خدشہ – عامر حسینی

پنجاب تحفظ بنیاد اسلام بل” جسے پراسرار طریقے سے پنجاب اسمبلی سے اس وقت منظور کرایا گیا،جب 59 اراکین ایوان میں موجود تھے- اس بل کو گورنر پنجاب چودھری سرور نے واپس بھیجنے کا اعلان کیا ہے- پاکستان [...]

The Conversion of the Hagia Sophia is purely about a Neo Ottoman Imperial Thrust

  It is disappointing to see a few South Asian Muslims celebrate the conversion of the Hagia Sophia. They are misrepresenting crass power politics with respecting a faith community’s right [...]

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