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World Shia forum condemns Takfiri Taliban inspired target killing of Shia Muslims in New Mexico

Pls sign and share the petition https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stop-shia-genocide-condemn-shia-killings-in-new-mexico?source=twitter&

Nepotism stands against objective journalism: Mehdi Hasan should be held to account

  Last year, Mehdi apologised for his remarks against the followers of other faiths and atheists and his current employers at “The Intercept” stood by him. His Qatari monarchist employers at [...]

Bernie Sanders should seek distance from Faux Progressive Surrogates apologizing for Al Qaeda Atrocities

Linda Sarsour, Mehdi Hasan, Ilhan Omar – these are all prominent Sanders surrogates with a pronounced track road of supporting the Al Qaeda narrative against Syria! They all oppose the [...]

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