Conceited Prayers Bring Nothing But God’s Anger | By Asghar Rizvi


Beware of conceited prayers and deeds for they bring nothing but God's wrath.

Why Backbiting (Ghībah) is a Sin


Backbiting (ghībah) is a sin because it puffs up our pride and sows discord in the Muslim community By Rayhan al-Safawi As Muslims, we must resist speaking against one another. This is the [...]

Sinful Habits and Laziness


Habitual sins create spiritual laxity and comfort zones that are very difficult to overcome. By taking on small sins one at a time, you can train yourself to overcome the bigger ones.

We Inherit the Sins of Our Ancestors. By Rayhan Al-Safawi

The fact that as Muslims we don’t accept the Western Christian doctrine of original sin does not mean that we don’t inherit the results of the sins of our ancestors even if we don’t inherit their [...]

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