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There was no Stampede in Karbala on Ashura


There seems to be a persistent effort to portray the tragic death of Zaireen as a “stampede”. Regardless of whether a structure collapsed or not, we simply cannot absolve management for their [...]

Muharram in the 19th century: Indian paintings, British imagination

    Muharram is the first month of the Muslim calendar, but not one to celebrate — rather, it is a month of mourning, observed in particular by Shias worldwide. It commemorates the [...]

Shias of Kashmir: Socio-Political Dilemmas

    Come Muharram, the month of mourning, Kashmir’s Shia-dominated areas come alive with black banners, and now increasingly, with portraits of religio-political revolutionary leaders [...]

Jais raids Shia Muslim event at Gombak, arrests 23

    PETALING JAYA: Twenty-three people, including women and children, were arrested by Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) officers at a Shia centre at Gombak last night. The [...]

How Shia shrines have changed in Iraq

    The serenity is momentarily broken by a chant of Labaik Ya Hussain (I am at your service Ya Hussain) from a new group of pilgrims who have entered the mausoleum in Karbala in Iraq — [...]

وہب کلبی – نور درویش

کربلا میں ہر برس عاشور اور اربعین پر مسیحیوں کے کئی قافلے آتے ہیں۔ ہاتھوں مں صلیب تھامے، عجز و انکساری کے ساتھ روضہ امام حسینؑ کے سامنے کھڑے ہوکر اُنہیں خراجِ عقیدت پیش کرنے والے یہ مسیحی کبھی [...]

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