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Azadari is a powerful rejoinder to the Compromised


It is that time of the year when Muawiya Marxists and Sufyani liberals emerge from the woodwork and vent out their carefully disguised sectarian bigotry. Supporting them in mocking Azadari are [...]

Conceited Prayers Bring Nothing But God’s Anger | By Asghar Rizvi


Beware of conceited prayers and deeds for they bring nothing but God's wrath.

On Dealing with the Dark Side of the Maulanas

On Dealing with the Dark Side of the Ummah

Worshipping God vs. Self-Worship


Self-worship is the most hidden of spiritual diseases. It is deadly to the soul as it is destructive to our community.

On the Arrogance of Piety. By Rayhan Al-Safawi


The illusion and arrogance of piety may be one of the most deadly spiritual diseases that we have to face

We Inherit the Sins of Our Ancestors. By Rayhan Al-Safawi

The fact that as Muslims we don’t accept the Western Christian doctrine of original sin does not mean that we don’t inherit the results of the sins of our ancestors even if we don’t inherit their [...]

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