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پاکستان کے مورمن: علامہ جواد نقوی کی کلٹ – تحریر جواد علوی

پاکستانی شیعوں کے حلقوں میں علامہ جواد نقوی کی تحریک پھر سے زیر بحث ہے۔ لیکن ہمیشہ کی طرح جو مسائل زیر بحث لائے جا رہے ہیں وہ جزئی مسائل ہیں۔ اس تحریک کو ترقی یافتہ سماجی علوم، جیسے اینتھروپالوجی [...]

جوادیز جھنگویز بھائی بھائی

یہ فطری اتحادی ہیں، عزاداری کی دشمنی میں ۔ عزاداری تاریخِ انسانی کا سب سے عظیم معجزہ اور انسانوں کی ازل سے مساوات اور کسی درجے اور طبقے کے بغیر ہر ایک کو نور الہی میں ضم ہو جانے کی خواہش کا ایک [...]

How Shia communities have failed their youth

Matrimony is an amazing essential human function in ensuring the perpetuation of the species. Faith communities across the world value their youth and ensure that respectable environments are [...]

A critical view of Umaa by a former insider

Dr. Pervez Shah a respected Urologist from DC, founded Umaa. He was also one of the pioneers of Appna. Umaa was founded in 2002 and had its first conference perhaps in 2003 Which was attended by [...]

The failure of North American Shia organizations to address the concerns of their faith communities

Recently, both the Muslim Congress and UMAA simultaneously hosted their events on July 5tht to 7th. Both events were poorly attended given the size of the North American Shia populations. [...]

Why Shias Don’t Succeed: Diagnosing and Curing the Problem

Why Shias Don’t Succeed – Shia failures are not due to external factors, it is a spiritual disease stemming from heedlessness and irresponsibility.

While Shia Genocide is underway in Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan, it seems it’s business as usual for some of

An American citizen and resident of Seattle, WA was amongst those who were recently massacred in Pakistan by banned Deobandi terrorist group and ISIS-affiliate, ASWJ-LeJ. Some clerics are too [...]

Battling Medieval Chauvinism and Misogyny in Liberal Seattle and Genocide in the rest of the World

I met a woman in a leading role at a local mosque about year ago quite by accident as she needed some help with the particular personal situation. Soon we became good friends and within one year [...]

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