فاطمہ،فاطمہ است (کہانی) – مستجاب حیدر

    میں دوبجے تیار ہوگیا تھا- ڈھائی بجے دادا علی نقی کے کمرے میں پہنچا تو دیکھا کہ وہ اپنے بستر پر گاؤ تکیے سے ٹیک لگائے خالی نظروں سے خلا میں گھور رہے ہیں- تھوڑی دیر کو رکا اور پھر کھانس کر ان [...]

Arbaeen marks the Zenith of the Revolution of Ashura

    In His Name, the Most High1 Peace be upon the intimate friend of God and His beloved! Peace be upon the close friend of God and His confidant! Peace be upon the choicest confidant [...]

There was no Stampede in Karbala on Ashura


There seems to be a persistent effort to portray the tragic death of Zaireen as a “stampede”. Regardless of whether a structure collapsed or not, we simply cannot absolve management for their [...]

Muharram in the 19th century: Indian paintings, British imagination

    Muharram is the first month of the Muslim calendar, but not one to celebrate — rather, it is a month of mourning, observed in particular by Shias worldwide. It commemorates the [...]

Karbala and the cultural articulation

      Sochta hun bana hi daloon mein Ik firqa udas logon ka How appropriate is this verse to Pakistan’s prevailing situation? When Prof Iqbal Shahid recited it in his usual style, [...]

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