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The US-backed Turkish invasion of North Syria is based on the same anti-Christian pogrom against the Armenians from

  “A similar thing happened to residents of the Armenian quarter in Aleppo who had their homes shelled by Erdogan regime-backed terror squads that were located in Aleppo countryside. [...]

White Helmets and Dark Hearts


Refuting the Guardian’s latest squabble on the ISIS supported White Helmets corps.

U.S Quietly Handing Syria Over to Russia


Contrary to public discourse, the reality on the ground suggests that the U.S is withdrawing from Syria and leaving it to Russia.

White Helmets Do Not Care About Civilians in Syria


Expert panel on Syrian war exposes the White Helmets for the criminal frauds they really are.

ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Israel: The Friendship that the Western Media Ignores by Alamdar Khadr

ISIS and Israel: For years Israel has been supporting extremist Wahhabi terrorist organizations like ISIS in order to get back at Iran and sow chaos in the Middle East.

How Trump Fooled the Establishment: Why the Syria Strikes Don’t Mean Anything and Won’t Escalate Beyond Small

The Syria strikes were only for domestic consumption in order to get the media off his back on his alleged Russian ties. The strikes were purposefully ineffective and changed nothing on the [...]

How Mass Media Labels are Feeding into the Shia/Alawi Syrian Genocide – By Alamdar Khadr

Reducing minorities to “government supporters” is one of the primary drivers enabling the sectarian Syrian genocide of both Shias and Alawis.

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