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The Conversion of the Hagia Sophia is purely about a Neo Ottoman Imperial Thrust

  It is disappointing to see a few South Asian Muslims celebrate the conversion of the Hagia Sophia. They are misrepresenting crass power politics with respecting a faith community’s right to freedom of religious expression. The Hagia Sophia was a church that was dear to Orthodox [...]

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Is Punjab going to be a graveyard of religious freedom? – MA Hussaini

  Markazi Ulma e Ahl Sunnat (Sufi Sunnis) rejects the proposed bill, terming it Buniyad e Kharjite bill The Punjab Assembly has recently unanimously approved a bill called the Protection of the Foundation of Islam which will now go to the [...]

Pakistan’s largest province passes yet another controversial bill backed by takfiri terrorists – Gul e Zahra

  Last year, Muawiyah Azam, a controversial member of the banned Takfiri Sipah e Sahaba, was made a member of a committee to review and compile the curriculum of Islamic history. A new bill was passed in June this year under which the [...]

Parachinar has been targeted since the 1980s during the military dictatorship of General Zia ul Haq

“In 2017, nearly 132 people were killed and 460 others wounded in five militant attacks in Parachinar. In previous years, militants had carried out 11 bomb attacks that left over 500 dead.” Parachinar has been targeted since the 1980s during the [...]

Imam Hussain’s Journey from Madinah to Karbala – Noor Darwish

    Over the past few months, the idea that Imam Hussain had left Medina on 28th Rajab and traveled to Iraq has come to my mind a few times. In the month of Sha’ban, it suddenly occurred to me where Imam Hussain’s caravan [...]

The history and evolution of Muharram’s mourning ceremonies in India – Aamir Hussaini

    I started this translation a year ago, I thought I would complete it in a few days, but in the meanwhile, I was affected by various diseases, and the wave of unemployment during the Covid-19 wreaked havoc. Akbarabadi’s poem [...]

When the Poet reached the court of Ali (as), what did he find? – Amir Hussaini

    I received this new book “Dar e Adalat Ali” (At the door of the Justice of Ali) written by my brother Ali Akbar Natiq and in this book he has compiled his Naats, Manqabats and Salams. He wrote this book “Man Kant [...]

Allama Talib Jauhiri transcended the sectarian divide that has been set in motion in Pakistan

There are multiple obituaries about Allama Talib Jauhiri/Johri, Quranic scholar and Zakir e Ahlul Bayt. Few of them manage to capture the grasp and depth of Jauhiri sahib. For decades, his exegesis of the Holy Quran stood apart from the narrow, [...]

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