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World Shia forum condemns Takfiri Taliban inspired target killing of Shia Muslims in New Mexico

Pls sign and share the petition https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stop-shia-genocide-condemn-shia-killings-in-new-mexico?source=twitter&

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Shias become the latest target of Pakistan’s extremist factions

  Shias become the latest target of Pakistan’s extremist factions; murders, hate speech and numerous blasphemy allegation sow seeds of long-term religious tension Recent weeks have seen a surge in registration of blasphemy cases involving [...]

World Shia Forum supports SFSR and AMBA’s statement for the rights of Shia Muslims in Pakistan

During the last 42 years, there has been a slow-motion genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan. While local authorities and rights groups have been reluctant to provide detailed databases, Independent groups like LUBP have prepared Databases that [...]

سانحہ 30 ستمبر 1988 ڈیرہ اسماعیل خان کو 32 سال گرر گئے

  سانحہ 30 ستمبر 1988 ڈیرہ اسماعیل خان 32 برس گزرنے کے باوجود یہ سانحہ آج بھی ہمارے دلوں میں زندہ و جاوید ہے۔ تاریخ پاکستان میں 22 ذی الحجہ سے 19 صفر 1408 ھ یعنی 5 اگست سے 30 ستمبر 1988 تک کے تقریباً دو مہینے اہل تشیع پہ انتہائی قیامت خیز گزرے۔ [...]

Role of Muslim Clergy in Medieval Society of the Indian Subcontinent

  Translator: Rabia Aslam Source: Dr. Mubarak Ali, “Almiyah-e-Tarikh”, ch. 9 – 10, pp. 95 – 105, Fiction House, Lahore, (2012). During the reign of Muslim ruling families in India, the Ulema, with the help of government institutions, sought [...]

Madhe Sahaba Agitation and Muslim League – by Venkat Dhulipala

  Editor’s note: Violence against Shias of Pakistan existed before Pakistan was born as a Muslim democratic state in South Asia. Right after partition of India in 1947, hundreds of graduates of Deoband madrassah, most of them disciples of [...]

Historical Reality of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi and Shah Waliullah

  Translator: Rabia Aslam Source: Dr. Mubarak Ali, “Almiya Tareekh”, Chapter 9, Pages 82. 92, Fiction House Lahore, (2012). After 1857, in order to increase the influence of the Ulema in the Muslim society of India, it was necessary to [...]

From Mazhar Ali Azhar to Jawad Naqvi – by Hamza Ibrahim

  When a community is subjected to persecution and genocide, there are always some members ready to collaborate with the oppressors. This happened in 1930’s and 1940’s when a self proclaimed Shia cleric Mazhar Ali Azhar joined [...]

Muharram in India during colonial rule – Dr. J. N. Hollister

    To the orthodox Sunni, the Shiite Ta’zias (تعزیہ) and the public exposure of grief and mourning as if opposing Allah’s will, even with a martyr, are, to say the least, irregular. Admitting this, some explain the widespread [...]

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