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World Shia forum condemns Takfiri Taliban inspired target killing of Shia Muslims in New Mexico


Pls sign and share the petition https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stop-shia-genocide-condemn-shia-killings-in-new-mexico?source=twitter&

The current wave of terrorism against Takfiri Islamist violence against people of all faiths and sects has unfortunately reached the United States. Takfiri Islamist sympathizers of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, and Sipah e Sahaba target killed two Shia Muslims and one Sunni Muslim with a Shia Sounding name.

The Victims included:

Mohamed Afzaal Hussain 27 who had recently completed his Masters’s degree.

Aftab Hussain 41
Mohammed Ahmad Ali 62
Naeem Hussain 25 

Scholars and journalists in this field have provided abundant evidence that such incidents of Takfiri Islamist violence against Shia and Sunni Muslims, as well as non-Muslims, have their roots in extremist Takfiri sections within Deobandi, Salafi and Wahhabi organizations or groups.

This should not come as a surprise, there is mountains of evidence of #ShiaGenocide and related targeting of other faiths in different parts of the world and indeed in May FBI foiled an attack by such ISIS-inspired extremist Deobandi and Salafi elements targeting a Shia mosque and a Jewish synagogue in Chicago a few months ago.


The WSF calls upon:

1. The law enforcement authorities and policymakers in the US and the state local to keep a close eye on the spread of Takfiri Deobandi and Wahhabi Salafi ideology through mosques, Madrassa, Websites, social media be printed material.

2. All Muslim organizations and Human Rights groups to refrain from making this a Sunni Shia or white vs nonwhite binary. It is important to honestly and clearly acknowledge that victims were killed because of their Shia Muslim identity (including the misidentification of a Sunni Muslim within Shia sounding name) and that their perpetrators are Takfiri Islamists who neither represent the Sunni sect nor do they represent the majority in peaceful and moderate Sunni, Barelvi Sufi Salafi or Deobandi Muslims.

3. Finally WSF calls upon all rights groups and government authorities to express explicit solidarity in support of Shia Muslims who have been a victim of systematic persecution and violence in many countries across the world. This Takfiri Islamist hate is a threat to all Americans irrespective of their ethnicity or religious affiliation.

All Americans should therefore unite to fight this hateful ideology and raise their voice and take concrete action to protect the vulnerable Shia communities. Tragically at least one of the victims had migrated from Pakistan hoping to escape the target killings of Shia Muslims.


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