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Shia Genocide Dr. Askari is Gunned down by Sipah Sahaba aka ASWJ

Gesture for Muharram by Takfiri Khariji Terror outfit Sipah e Sahaba aka ASWJ and its leaders including Aurangzeb Farooqi for Shias. A heart specialist Shia doctor has been gunned down near a [...]

Shia Hazara Genocide as many as 70 dead in Afghanistan


Shia Hazara Continue to be the target of Takfiri Deobandi Militants, more than 40 deadly attacks have occurred in the area of the Kabul city, where Shia minority live in two years and [...]

The Systemic Genocide of Shias in Pakistan – Gul e Zahra

29th October have come and gone by Silently. Since the evening I wasn’t feeling right about something, my heart kept sinking and I felt sad for unknown reason and then I realized that today in [...]

Intra-Shia Takfeer a Shameful Reality in the Age of Shia Genocide in Pakistan


There is a growing divide between two opposing extremes within Shias. One side is a growing niche within a larger tradition of folk-rural based version of Shia Islam that is rooted in ancient [...]

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