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For-Profit Presidency: How Trump Made Money By Bombing Syria. By Rayhan Al-Safawi


A For-Profit Presidency: Donald Trump used Tomahawk missiles to attack Syria late last week. Tomahawk missiles are manufactured by Raytheon, a company which Trump has stocks in.

Late last week, President Donald J. Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria attacking a Syrian military airfield that is at the crux of fighting ISIS and Al-Qaeda in response to a false flag chemical attack staged by Al-Qaeda and its White Helmet henchmen. Trump was quick and swift in his response, he attacked Assad’s airbase without an investigation.

As I wrote previously, much of the attack had to do with fixing Trump’s own image in America. He has been drowning in accusations of being a Russian puppet. The Syria attack helped ease the media off his back.

But there is still another chilling reason as to why Donald Trump was trigger happy in Syria and why he purposefully chose Tomahawk missiles as his weapon of choice for the attack.

As Trump bombed Syria using Tomahawk missiles, the stocks of its manufacturer, Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTN)  went up noticeably.

Just take a look at the timeline here and how it went up:

According to a 2015 report by Business Insider, Trump owned stocks in Raytheon. Take a look at this passage:

According to the report, Trump’s investments cross a wide spectrum of industries, with technology companies, financial firms, defense contractors, and energy are all represented in his portfolio. Trump also owns stock in many well-known companies including Apple, Nike, Whole Foods, Google, Philip Morris, Raytheon, Facebook, and Morgan Stanley, among others.

There is obviously a conflict of interest here. The mere fact that Trump refuses to release his financial information is making everyone skeptical as to what the point of this presidency is. Is it merely to increase in power and ego, or are there financial incentives as well? The mere fact that the President of the United States and his family can get richer through war is a very scary prospect to me.


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