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Myth of Asad’s Use of Sarin Gas Keeps Getting Exposed


As time goes back, the myth of Syria’s Sarin attack becomes shakier and shakier.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawai has been criticized continuously for requesting evidence that the Syrian government actually carried out the Sarin attack in Syria back in April.

We’ve written quite a bit here at the WSF questioning the mainstream narrative of the attack. But as time goes by, it seems that evidence is piling up spreading further doubt on the MSM’s narrative demonizing the Syrian government.

Just recently, I saw a new image uploaded on twitter showing aid workers supposedly walking around a pool of possible Sarin with sandals on. Remember that one drop of the chemical on the skin can be deadly. The fellow in the picture is either really stupid and clueless, or he knows that the attack is a hoax. My bet is that he knows because no matter how much ignorant he may be, there must have been someone to warn him of the dangers of skin being exposed to Sarin.

Just take a look at this image that was recently shared on twitter:


It’s not just me saying this. Take it from MIT professor Theodore Postol who after examining he pictures, shed doubt on the veracity of the Sarin claim. Quoting Postol, RT stated that:

Postol’s key argument is a series of photographs of the crater where the container holding sarin was supposedly air-dropped. He pointed to a photograph of several men inspecting the site, wearing loose clothing and medical gloves.

“If there were any sarin present at this location when this photograph was taken everybody in the photograph would have received a lethal or debilitating dose of sarin,” he wrote. “The fact that these people were dressed so inadequately either suggests a complete ignorance of the basic measures needed to protect an individual from sarin poisoning, or that they knew that the site was not seriously contaminated.”

Click here for the source.

Yet the media was so desperate in trying to pin Asad down for the Sarin attacks that they ended up getting their dates, maps and information wrong. Just look at the following fake news Al-Jazeera put up on the Sarin attack that supposedly happened back in April of 2017:


So why is this happening? Back in 2013, the Syrian Catholic Nun Mariam of the Cross exposed the reasons as to why: the terrorists in Syria are establishing false flag attacks in order to draw the West into a far against the Syrian government.


Take a look at the full lecture here:


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