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Imam Hussain’s Journey from Madinah to Karbala – Noor Darwish


    Over the past few months, the idea that Imam Hussain had left Medina on 28th Rajab and traveled to Iraq has come to my mind a few times. In the month of Sha’ban, it suddenly occurred to me where Imam Hussain’s caravan would have reached at that time in 60 AH. What was […]



Over the past few months, the idea that Imam Hussain had left Medina on 28th Rajab and traveled to Iraq has come to my mind a few times.

In the month of Sha’ban, it suddenly occurred to me where Imam Hussain’s caravan would have reached at that time in 60 AH. What was going on there? What will be the atmosphere and what will be the conversations about? Imam Hussain had reached Makkah at the beginning of Sha’ban, he had reached Makkah in the days of his and his brother Abul Fazl’s birth. It also occurred to me that letters addressed to Imam Hussain from Kufa began to arrive here during his stay in Makkah. The letter of Habib Ibn Mazahir Al-Asadi was also received here and also that of Sulaiman bin Sarad Khuza’i.

Imam Hussain left Madinah long before he received these letters. So who started the propaganda that Imam Hussain was called by the Kufans and they were the ones who martyred him? Why those Kufans aren’t mentioned, most of whom are martyrs of Karbala? What were the people of Makkah doing when the people of Kufa were writing letters?

Where was the mention of repentance in Kufa and why was Mukhtar al Saqafi not mentioned? Kufa was slandered but Syria was excluded? But why? After all, why was it not explained why Imam Hussain’s son, Ali ibn Hussain, Imam Sayyid al-Sajdeen, took the name “Al-Sham” thrice answering the question of the most severe suffering? I have been thinking for a long time what is the reason for so much hatred of Kufa and complete silence about Syria?

Ramadan was spent in Makkah and then Eid-ul-Fitr was also spent there. I don’t know how Eid was celebrated away from Madinah? The month of Dhi Al-Qad also passed here in Makkah. During this time, Imam Hussain would have met the Muslims in Makkah. Letters from Kufa are also mentioned. The situation there was also discussed. I thought God forbid, what would have happened in Makkah at that time? What was the atmosphere like there?

Syeda Zainab, Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas, Ali Akbar, Qasim, Aun, and Muhammad were also in Makkah. Imam Sajjad was also there. He may not have fallen sick yet. It occurred to me that after Karbala, Maula Sajjad, who had performed the Hajj on foot, had heard that this Imam of Taqwa and piety used to walk from Madinah to Makkah trembling. Do they remember the journey from Madinah to Makkah on foot in 60 AH?

Ali Asghar, who was six months old in Karbala, will be four months old at that time, and when he left Madinah, he was not even one month old? He came to this world on 9th Rajab in Madinah, and on 28th Rajab they left Madinah and was martyred on 10th Muharram.

The pure martyr of Karbala, Jun ibn Hawi, also came to Makkah from Madinah with the caravan of Hussain. Hur ibn Riyahi, who traveled from Hell to Paradise in one night, will be in Kufa at that time. Does he not know that in the times to come people will remember him as a great libertarian who traveled from falsehood to truth in one night? He will not even know that soon he will stop Hussain instead of coming to Kufa and take him to Karbala, the same Hussain will tie a handkerchief on his forehead with his own hands.

The month of Dhi Al-Qad is nearing its end and the moon of Dhi Al-Hijjah will appear soon. This moon must have appeared in 60 AH. Imam Hussain was present in Makkah with the intention of Hajj, but then, just one day before the Hajj, he changed his Hajj to Umrah for the sanctity of the House of God and left Makkah for Kufa. There were some assassins who were sent to Makkah, to assassinate Imam Hussain during Hajj. The killers wearing ihram is not a new tradition. Many such killers can be seen even today.

Dhul-Hijjah will begin soon. Due to the global epidemic this year, the Hajj will be performed on a limited scale. Under normal circumstances, the Hajj begins in the field of Arafat with the sounds of Labaik Allah humm Labaik. The Dua of Arafa is recited and then a Majlis is arranged in which the sufferings of Imam Hussain are described.

When you have the happiness of Hajj and when you hear these sufferings in the field of Arafat, you will once think in your heart where Imam Hussain and his caravan reached at that time in 60 AH? you will think that when the Muslims were starting the Hajj, the grandson of the Holy Prophet (sws) was going to Karbala to save the Hajj. Once again, I would like to thank Imam Hussain from the bottom of my heart for the Hajj, prayers, fasting, and zakat that are being performed today.

These azans, mosques, the recitation of the Qur’an, and the name of God, this is the result of the sacrifice of 61 AH which Imam Hussain (as) presented as a great sacrifice by saying that they are staying for the help of the religion of Allah. They are standing up to defeat this accursed sword with their pure blood which rejected the prophethood, called it the lies of Bani Hashim, and denied the revelation and Quran, whose elders did not stop from anything in their enmity and hatred towards Bab e Madinah-tul-Alam Ali ibn e Abi Talib.

While performing Hajj, you must remember Imam Hussain and ask yourself that while performing Hajj today and must say that I am remembering you that you were not allowed to perform Hajj in 60 AH. If you wish, you should turn towards Karbala, put your hand on your chest, and say once:

“My Duties, Hajj, Zakat, Fasting, Prayers, and Adhan, everything is because of your sacrifice.

In the month of Dhi Al-Hijjah, I will think a few times about the caravan of Hussaini in 60 AH. After that the moon of Muharram will appear and then there will be no need to think. Everywhere there will be Karbala, there will be people of Karbala, there will be Imam Hussain and we will be his mourners. The world has been and will continue to be amazed. Karbala was alive and will live forever. Karbala never needed numbers. This is the immortal miracle of Hussain’s journey which started on 28th Rajab 60 AH.


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