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On Dealing with the Dark Side of the Maulanas

On Dealing with the Dark Side of the Ummah

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U.S Quietly Handing Syria Over to Russia


Contrary to public discourse, the reality on the ground suggests that the U.S is withdrawing from Syria and leaving it to Russia.

White Helmets Do Not Care About Civilians in Syria


Expert panel on Syrian war exposes the White Helmets for the criminal frauds they really are.

Welcome to the hate club

  It is interesting that the intelligentsia and the anchors that never take umbrage when the public places in Islamabad and other cities reverberate with the chants of ‘Shia Kafir’ (and thus fair game to kill) seem irreparably offended by [...]

Perverse Pontification by Friedman of the New York Times


Thomas Friedman supports arming ISIS, how low has the NY Times gotten?

The Fruit of Prayer Comes with Toil and Pain


One of the most beautiful of human experiences come from the sweetness of prayer, but its sweetness must be preceded by the bitterness of life.

#ShiaGenocide accelerates in Dera Ismail Khan: Pakistani State and Civil Society typically apathetic

In the last week, there has been a renewed surge in the target killing of Shia Muslims in Dera Ismail Khan in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Both the PML N Federal Government as well as the provincial government headed by PTI seem least [...]

Knowing God Through Another Level Of Consciousness


There are different types of knowledge and intellect, know which one leads you to perceiving God through the proper discipline.

Making Dua When We Don’t Want To


In times of spiritual dryness, we do not always have to talk in our duas. God knows what we need so we must let silence sometimes be our voice.

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