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Shia Genocide in Pakistan: 308 killed, 548 injured in 33 fatal attacks on Shia-Muslims during 2017- Reported LUBP

    Let Us Build Pakistan has issued in-detailed report about attacks on Shias of Pakistan during 2017. According LUBP report on Shia killing in Pakistan total 33 attacks on Shia community due to their Shia identity were reported in Pakistan during 2017. Report reveals that 308 people [...]

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Supporting Takfiri terrorists a shared policy of the Pakistani and US establishment

    On the history of supporting WSD Proxies for morally repugnant foreign policy objectives, the Pakistani establishment is emulating its mentors and paymasters, the United States and Saudi Arabia. The Pakistani establishment tends to [...]

Salafi mission calls into question Saudi concept of moderation and policy in Yemen

    Plans to open a Salafi missionary centre in the Yemeni province of Al Mahrah on the border with Oman and Saudi Arabia raise questions about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salah’s concept of a moderate form of Islam. The questions [...]

The Trigger and The Powder Keg: Riots in Iran


  Disclaimer from WSF: The views of the author as expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of World Shia Forum or any of its managers or bloggers. Much raucous was raised by U.S. ambassador to U.N., Nikki Haley [...]

Life doesn’t end when a man dies, real life begins when he dies -Al-Nimr

2nd of January marked the 2nd martyrdom anniversary of Sheikh Al-Nimr and video below is the reason of his arrest . He , like his Moula Hussain (a) , raised voice against the violence and injustice of Saudi clan . The filthy AlSaud hung a person [...]

Pro-Democracy and pro-Al Qaeda Atheists of Pakistan Jump out to Support the Mujahideen and Shah Monarchists of Iran


Pakistan atheist leftists who are in cohoots with Al Qaeda jump to support the Mujahedin and Shah monarchists of Iran.

Caitlin Johnstone Gets It Right On Iran Interventionism


Pro-war zealots are trying to get their way, but social media journalists are making the job harder and harder for them.

The Iran Protests: What’s Going On – By Eisa Ali


The protests in Iran are multifaceted, some with legitimate concerns and others are backed by terror groups. One thing is for sure: nothing will happen and opposition online commentators are getting excited for nothing.

White Helmets and Dark Hearts


Refuting the Guardian’s latest squabble on the ISIS supported White Helmets corps.

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