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Mehdi Hassan Criticizes Bahraini Regime on Human Rights Abuses


In a recent interview, Mehdi Hassan diverged from the traditional Qatari stance on the human rights crisis in Bahrain. Just a few years ago, AlJazeera was at the forefront of the Arab world’s media attack on the innocent civilians that were being murdered by the Saudi-backed regime in [...]

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The Power of Repentance (Tawbah)

Repentance is the central component of spiritual growth in Islam. Without it there is no salvation.

Saudi Arabia Signs Additional $500 Million Defense Contract With US

  The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) recently announced that the State Department had approved a new sales package of “missile system support services” to Saudi Arabia.  The announcement was made via a press release, which [...]

#RussiaBashing : A common tactic by Pakistani and US Elites

  In Pakistan, anyone who came out and opposed the policy of Jihadi proxies which were mainstreamed by Military dictator General Zia ul Haq, was quickly attacked as an Iranian fifth columnist, a RAW agent and a Soviet sympathiser. Benazir [...]

Lashkar Jhangvi Appeals for Funds to wipe out Shias from Pakistan

  Hate and violent campaign is continuing against Shia community from Takfiri Deoandi network without any hurdle despite big claims of wiping out menace of terrorism made by Punjab government like federal and other provincial governments in [...]

On Not Walking the Walk in Shia Communities | By Asghar Rizvi


Tawakkul, or reliance on God is not just a belief, but it is a way of being in the world. It is not just an abstract idea, but it is an action verb.

Conceited Prayers Bring Nothing But God’s Anger | By Asghar Rizvi


Beware of conceited prayers and deeds for they bring nothing but God's wrath.

The US-backed Turkish invasion of North Syria is based on the same anti-Christian pogrom against the Armenians from

  “A similar thing happened to residents of the Armenian quarter in Aleppo who had their homes shelled by Erdogan regime-backed terror squads that were located in Aleppo countryside. “Martyr Enver Pasha” read the signs on some of the [...]

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