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Humbleness Before God Only is Not True Humility

True humility is more than just being humble before God, it is being humble before His creatures. By Rayhan al-Safawi It is quite easy to be humble before God. Saddam Hussein would occasionally pray and express his weakness before God. Other dictatorial world leaders have done the same. From [...]

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Why Backbiting (Ghībah) is a Sin


Backbiting (ghībah) is a sin because it puffs up our pride and sows discord in the Muslim community By Rayhan al-Safawi As Muslims, we must resist speaking against one another. This is the philosophy of the prohibition backbiting (ghībah). [...]

My Disappointment With Some Muharram Lectures


We do not utilize the tragedy of Karbala to help us connect to its lessons and thereby improve our own social lives. The tragedy is increasingly made more irrelevant to the sufferings of the community today. I always look forward to Muharram. It [...]

CAIR representative expressing joy at the Russian plane crash that claimed 90+ lives

  This is a CAIR representative expressing joy at the Russian plane crash that claimed 90+ lives. I wonder if he is related to Zahran Alloush – the late grnocidal hate leader of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Ahrar Al Sham “rebel” group in Syria. [...]

Every Day is not Ashura, Every Land is not Karbala

here is a famous slogan among Shīʿahs that states “every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala.” The statement is said to have been uttered by Imām Jaʿfar al-Ṣādiq (as). However, this is incorrect. The statement is not a hadith and Imām [...]

Why Ashura and Yazid Were Unique in History

In our previous article, we took a brief look at some of the hadiths in our source texts that contradict the slogan “every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala.” In this article, we’re going to explore some of the possible reasons why Ashura [...]

The Roar of the Word: Nimr Al-Nimr and the Implosion of the House of Saud

Dwindling cash reserves, a stalemate in Yemen, the Hajj Stampede and  increased scrutiny of Wahabism made 2015 a bad year for the petromonarchy. By starting 2016 with the execution of a prominent pro-democracy cleric, they have signaled both an [...]

The Clinton Foundation is Dying and Why This is Good News for Women and Children

The Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play days are over now that the Clinton family’s political ambitions are in disarray.

The Hidden Dangers of Muslim Led Anti-Trump Rallies


The Heroification of Linda Sarsour and the Wahhabi-Saudi Honeymoon in America

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